How to create a domain lookup page with PHP?

PHP is a programming language used to create web applications. A domain lookup page is a tool that allows users to check if a domain name is available. Such a page enables users to make a WHOIS query for a specific domain name and get the results.

    'net' => '',
    'org' => '',
    'biz' => '',
    'info' => '',
    'clup' => '',
    'site' => '',
    'pro' => '',
    '' => ''

foreach ($whois_servers as $key => $server):
    $socket = fsockopen($server, 43, $errno, $errstr,10);
        fputs($socket, $domain.".".$key. "\r\n");
        while (!feof($socket)): $response .= fgets($socket, 128); endwhile;
        fclose($socket); $response = strtolower($response);
        if(strstr($response, 'no match found') || strstr($response,"no match for")  || strstr($response,"domain not found") || strstr($response,"no data found")):
            echo $domain.".".$key." Bu domain müsait";
            echo $domain.".".$key." Bu domain değil";

In the internet world, when creating a website or acquiring an existing domain, it's important to check if a domain is available. The PHP programming language provides a useful tool for performing such a query. In this article, you've learned how to query the status of a domain using PHP.

In this article, you learned two different methods to query a domain using PHP: WHOIS-based querying and DNS-based querying. With WHOIS, you can obtain registration information, and with DNS, you can resolve the IP address of the domain. Using this information, you can check the status of a domain and take appropriate actions when creating a website or acquiring an existing domain.

Keywords: PHP, domain lookup, domain availability check, WHOIS, DNS

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